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Municipal Action Team

The Municipal Action Team is dedicated to working with City of Baraboo leaders to
help local public institutions:
• adopt energy conservation measures
• move toward investing in renewable energy systems on behalf of the public

Municipal Action Team Messages

Introducing the Carbon Reduction Special Revenue Fund – March 2, 2023

Powered Up Baraboo's Municipal Action Team members were instrumental in catalyzing the establishment of a clean energy fund for the City of Baraboo. At its February 28 meeting, the Baraboo Common Council unanimously approved a project at the Baraboo Civic Center in which the current lighting system will be replaced with an LED lighting system. This energy-saving conversion project also provides for the establishment of the Carbon Reduction Special Revenue Fund for the City. The savings in electrical costs enabled by new lighting system will be placed in the fund for at least five years, and used to fund other carbon-reducing projects for the City. Powered Up Baraboo is embarking on a fundraising initiative to fund the approximately $15,000 for the LED conversion. To view the video from the February 28 Common Council meeting where this resolution was passed, start at minute 2:24 of the video at

Municipalities working towards reducing their carbon footprints need to have a strong system for tracking energy usage for lighting, heating, and cooling their buildings, fueling their municipal vehicle fleet, outdoor lighting, and other essential elements of City operations. This project in Baraboo, which Municipal Action Team members have been working on for over a year, is aided by a Municipal Action Team volunteer effort to assist the City of Baraboo in setting up the system for establishing the baseline costs for operating City buildings and monitoring ongoing energy costs.

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