Municipal Action Team

The Municipal Action Team is dedicated to working with City of Baraboo leaders to help local public institutions adopt energy conservation measures and move toward investing in renewable energy systems on behalf of the public.

Our Current Action

Help Local Public Institutions Adopt Energy Conservation Measures 

Benchmarking City-Owned Buildings

Working with City employees, members of this action team created an account through Energy Star Portfolio Manager to begin benchmarking the energy use of City-owned buildings. Once benchmarked in the system, the City will be able to identify underperforming buildings to target for efficiency improvements and set investment priorities to help decide how to allocate capital and maximize financial returns in energy efficiency.

Help Local Public Institutions Adopt Energy Conservation Measures 

Energy Innovation Grant

In January 2022, members of this action team assisted the Mayor Rob Nelson and CDA Director Pat Cannon in preparing a grant application through the Wisconsin Office of Energy Innovation. This $48,000 grant would be used to research, develop, and implement comprehensive energy planning for City-owned facilities and operations. If awarded the grant, the City of Baraboo will solicit bids for consulting services to perform investment grade audits of City buildings and operations. Working with a community-based Sustainability Team, the consultant will steer the development of achievable, measurable energy goals, potential funding sources, and realistic timelines. The goal is to provide a final report to the Common Council, identifying a wide menu of energy-saving and renewable energy-generating projects, along with the cost, anticipated payback, and ecological benefit for each. The Grant Commission is expected to make funding decisions in early April.

Help Local Public Institutions Adopt Energy Conservation Measures 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Initial planning has been undertaken with Alliant Energy and Downtown Baraboo, Inc.  for the best locations for EV charging stations in the downtown Baraboo area. At this point, the Municipal Action team is looking into grant opportunities and other funding options.