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Rain Barrel Basics

Learn the basics of using a rain barrel to harvest rainwater at your home.

Baraboo resident Rick Eilertson, a stormwater engineer, discusses the benefits and fundamentals of using rain barrels, including the reasons for using rain barrels, how to set up and use a rain barrel in your yard, and how to maintain and winterize rain barrels. Eilertson has been involved with planning, designing, inspecting, and maintaining stormwater facilities throughout Wisconsin and other portions of the United States for the past 25 years. These facilities have varied in size from 10-acre stormwater treatment systems to the rainwater harvesting and infiltration system on his 0.2 acre residential property in Baraboo. This program was co-sponsored by Powered Up Baraboo, Carnegie-Schadde Memorial Public Library, Sauk County Land Resources and Environment Department, and the Rooted in Conservation Fund of the Community Foundation of South Central Wisconsin.

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