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Resources for You

PUB Bird-Window Collision Prevention brochure

Every year, a billion birds die needlessly in North America by smashing into windows of homes, businesses, and government buildings. The good news is, there are things we can all do to help!

Inflation Reduction Act Brochure

Use Powered Up Baraboo's Inflation Reduction Act brochure to find resources on clean energy programs of the IRA!

Lowering Your Utility Bills

In early 2022, members of the Home & Business Action Team put together a brochure, Lowering Your Utility Bill, to hand out to area residents. This brochure is for people who own or rent their dwellings. It gives useful and practical advice about easy measures anyone can take to conserve energy in their homes. It also provides contact information for agencies in our area who can give further help in these efforts.

Inflation Reduction Act Information

Find out how you can take advantage of the IRA!

Clean Energy Toolkit

See what Wisconsin communities can do to work together to clean up their act!

Energy Independent Communities

Find out the status of Wisconsin's Energy Independent Communities in this 2020 PowerPoint presentation.

Renewable Energy Videos

You can access videos of all the sessions of the 2023 RENEW Wisconsin Renewable Energy Summit and find out how you and your community can benefit from new Clean Energy funding.

Rotational Grazing Guide

Find local farmers who practice rotational grazing to produce food products for you!

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