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Fox Sedge

Carex vulpinoidea

What is it? Carex vulpinoidea, commonly known as Fox Sedge, is a species of perennial grass-like plants.
Native to where? It is native to North America, including most of Canada, the Dominican Republic, the United States and parts of Mexico.
Hardiness Zone: Plants are hardy from USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 9.
What does it look like? It forms beautiful fine-leaved mounds, two feet in diameter, with clumps of stems up to a meter tall. Its common name is derived from the seed head which resembles a fox's tail, and may be up to about 3.9 inches long.
Bloom Time: Its mid-summer fruiting period is when the bright bronze seed head is visible.
Growth Habit: It actively grows during the spring and fall when soil temperatures are cool.
Growing Conditions: Fox Sedge grows in a wide variety of medium-moist to wet soils, including clay, and is an excellent choice for rain gardens. Full sun.
Environmental Benefits: Plants are pest resistant and unpalatable to deer and most other herbivores. They can be a resilient sedge for wetlands and disturbed sites, and can be used to stabilize the ground on shorelines.
Image Source:
By Robert H. Mohlenbrock -, Public Domain,

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