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PUB Bird-Window Collision Prevention brochure

PUB Bird-Window Collision Prevention brochure

Every year, a billion birds die needlessly in North America by smashing into windows of homes, businesses, and government buildings. Birds do not perceive windows as reflective or transparent surfaces, but rather, as open spaces. The problem of bird-window collisions is exacerbated by :

  • increasing amounts of construction in birds’ normal ranges

  • new construction increasingly using glass as an architectural feature

  • landscaping close to windows so reflection gives the impression of continuing vegetation and an open flyway

  • bright light emitted through windows and around building exteriors that confuses birds migrating at night.

The good news is, there are things we can all do to help!

Learn more in the pdf brochure (below) PUB Bird-Window Collision Brochure to see handy links to resources about bird-window collisions and actions you can take to help reduce them.

PUB Bird-Window Collision Brochure
Download PDF • 343KB

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